Top 5 Best Guns in PUBG New State



We get to see a lot of Guns and Weapons in PUBG New State Game and the Guns of PUBG New State are very different from BGMI and PUBG Mobile Guns. In PUBG New State we get to see more Guns like AR, SMG, and Sniper. But all the Guns in it are very amazing, which are used by a lot of Players and there are also Guns which are liked by a lot of Players and there are also many Guns which are used a lot in the game, so today I am going to tell you about some such Top 5 Best PUBG New State Guns which are used a lot in PUBG New State and this is the Best Guns of PUBG New State, so let’s start and see which is that PUBG New State’s Best Guns.

Top 5 Best Guns & Weapons in PUBG New State:-

1. Groza:-

Groza comes at No.1. It is one of the most powerful Guns and Weapons of PUBG New State. Groza Gun is known for Best Damage and Fire Rate. This is an AR Gun which we get to see only in Special Drop, Damage It is very much and a lot of players use this gun for close range, so Groza Gun is the best gun of PUBG New State.

2. M416:-

M416 is seen on No.2 which is a popular Gun of PUBG New State Game. Almost all players use M416 Gun. M4 Gun is the most Stable Gun of PUBG New State, this Gun is called Close Range and Long Range in PUBG New State. So in Top Best PUBG new State Guns M416 comes at No.2.

3. AWM:-

AWM comes on No.3 which is a Sniper Gun. AWM is used for Long Range. This Gun is the Most Powerful Sniper Gun of PUBG New State Gun, this Gun you get to see only in Special Air Drop, so Most Powerful & AWM is the best in Most Damage Gun, so it comes at No.3 in this Best Guns list.

4. Vector:-

No.4 comes to Victor which is an SMG Gun and this gun is used for Close Range Fights. The Fire Rate of Victor Gun is very high, so many players use this Gun in Close Range, you will get PUBG New State You also get to see this in TDM Matches, so it comes at Vector No.4 in Best PUBG New State Weapons.

5. AKM:-

AKM Gun comes at No.5 which is one of the Best Guns of PUBG New State. The recoil of AKM Gun is very less seen in PUBG New State, so this gun becomes very powerful, this gun is more like Players Close Range That’s why PUBG comes at AKM No.5 in New State Best Weapons.

Best Guns & Weapons in PUBG New State:-

1. Groza 
2. M416
3. AWM
4. Vector
5. AKM

This was the information about Best PUBG New State Guns, I hope you liked this information about Top 5 Best Guns & Weapons in PUBG New State.
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