SCAR-L Upcoming Upgradable Skin in PUBG Mobile/BGMI



In BGMI and PUBG Mobile, we are going to have a new Upgradable skin which is going to be named Hextech Crystal SCAR-L This skin is going to be the best skin of Scar-L so far which is going to be a combination of Blue and Gold color, very amazing It is seen that you can upgrade this New Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin to Level-7 and we can see this Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin in BGMI and PUBG Game on 7th November to upgrade this skin For at least 15000UC to 20000UC seems close to it, today we are going to see what is this New Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin and complete information about it.

Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin Release Date:- 

7 November 2021 

Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin Prize:-

 15000UC To 20000UC

New Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin Features:-

This skin is going to be up to Level 7 and we get to see its different looks and features at all its levels, before that Scar-l’s 2 Upgradable Skins BGMI and PUBG Mobile have arrived but this skin is the best Upgrade Skin so far and I am going to give information about all the best features of its 7 level.

Level 1 – Basic Appearance:-


At its Level-1, we get to see the Basic Look of Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin, which you can upgrade to Level 7, its Basic Look is like a Normal Skin and you need 15000UC to unlock the Basic Level. Can read.

Level 4 – Finish Message/Kill Message:-


At Level 4 we get to see the Finish Message/Kill Message of Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin which is very amazing if you are unlocking Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin then you can upgrade it to Level 4 because Its kill message is very amazing to see

Level 6 – Final Form:-


The Final Form of this Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin is seen at Level 6, which gives a different look to this Gun, its Final Form is very amazing in this Gun, if you upgrade this Gun to the Final Form, then you will get 25000UC It seems till.

Level 7 – Loot Crate:-


Level 7 which is the final level of a Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Upgradable Skin, in this you get to see its Loot Crate, its Loot Crate has been finished with Blue and Gold, this makes the Loot Crate of this Gun absolutely premium. If you want to make this Gun Full Max till level 7, then you may need 25000UC.


This was the information about this New Hextech Crystal SCAR-L Skin, how did you get the information about this Upcoming Upgradable Skin, you can tell by commenting below.

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