New Anna Character in BGMI & PUBG Mobile, Upcoming Anna Character Look



Inside BGMI and PUBG Mobile, we are going to see a new character with the new update, whose name is going to be Anna, this character is not 600UC, then you can unlock this character even with 600 Characters Voucher and you will get this New Character Events. I can also get it for free and with this character, we will also get to see an event in which you can also get Character Vouchers in free and in this, you can also unlock this character along with Anna Character, Vector, Andy, Carlo, Sara. Before that, we get to see 4 characters inside BGMI and this New Anna character is going to be the 5th character in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. There is no information about how many characters this character is going to be found in Voucher, maybe this character If you get it for free in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, then let’s start and see the complete information about New Anna Character.

How To Get Anna Character in BGMI & PUBG Mobile:-

There is no information about how Anna Character is going to be received and in how many prizes, but we can also see this Anna Character in BGMI for free inside the event and can be seen in a maximum 600 Character Voucher and 600UC. So if Anna comes for free in Character Event, then you can unlock it for free also and you can also unlock it with 600 Character Voucher.

Anna Character Features:-

We can upgrade this Anna Character to Level 10, in you are going to get Free Character Voucher and Emotes and with that, at Level 10 we get to see its MVP Emote Video which is very amazing, so it was the features of Anna Character.

Anna Character Story:-

Anna was the Detective of the character’s father, he suddenly disappears somewhere and after that Anna also becomes a detective, this was the story of the new Anna character.


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