How to make a modern swimming pool in Minecraft


Minecraft is a game of survival but its second most loved feature is building. Players are offered vast landscapes and loads of items to build almost anything in Minecraft. They can build houses, castles, and even sky cities. However, one of the most basic and fun things to build is a modern swimming pool.

Swimming pools can give a nice modern touch to any house. It also acts as a fun place to chill with friends after working hard in the game. The swimming pools in Minecraft are pretty easy to build. To personalize it further, players can have different designs and sizes for their pool.

Making a modern swimming pool in Minecraft

Things needed to make a swimming pool

The items required for making a swimming pool can vary depending on the attention to detail on the swimming pool. Regardless, players will need basic things like water, white colored blocks, and stairs. Players can also get blue colored blocks, sea lanterns, glass, beds, and iron rails for extra beautification.

Pool shape and depth


Next, deciding on a unique design for the swimming pool is very important. The design can depend on the type of house and the size of the pool. Players can make a normal rectangular pool, a circular one, or even a randomly shaped one.

Players will have to start digging or making sufficient space for the pool. Make sure to have the design in mind and then dig accordingly. The pool can have gradual depth which can be achieved by placing rows of half slabs.

Decorating the pool

Players can start decorating the pool with light colored smooth blocks like quartz blocks and white or blue concrete blocks. They can place sea lanterns inside the swimming pool walls to light it up, and set the stairs to the surface. The pool can also have ladders on its walls and iron bars as handles.

Filling the pool with water


Water mechanics in Minecraft can be irritating at times. Players usually have to fill every single block with water to achieve stasis. Hence there is a trick where players can completely cover the pool with dirt after decorating the sides. Place water on all sides, filling the first layer with static water, then breaking all the dirt blocks one by one. Additionally, there is another handy trick to use kelp to avoid any flowing water.