How to find and use lapis lazuli in Minecraft


Minecraft, as its name suggests, is a game based around mining. There are nine types of ores that can be mined, which include Iron, Coal, Gold and Diamond. While most ores are used to make weapons, tools and armor, some ores are used specifically to upgrade them.

Lapis Lazuli ore is a unique mineral in Minecraft. It is also quite rare. It is blue in color, which can result in some players mistaking it for Diamonds. However, Lapis Lazuli are dark blue whereas diamonds are light blue. In this article, players can learn all they need to know about Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft.

Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft is essential for enchanting equipment, here’s more on the versatile resource

Obtaining the ore

Lapis Lazuli or can be found exclusively in the Overworld, in between depths of Y level 30 and Y level 0. It is rarely exposed, thereby making it harder to find. Ravines are a good place to look for Lapis, as they increase its chances of being exposed and discovered.

Lapis can also be generated in chests located in mineshafts, shipwrecks and village temple chests, with shipwreck chests having the highest chance of generating it.

Trading for the ore

Cleric villagers can gift Lapis to the player if they earn the “Hero of the Village” advancement while also selling one piece of Lapis for an emerald at apprentice level.

Mining for the ore

Lapis Lazuli can be mined with a stone or a higher variant of pickaxe. Mining it with a wooden pickaxe or by hand will break the block but drop nothing.

Uses of Lapiz Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli has one major purpose in Minecraft. It can be used to enchant weapons, tools and armor pieces, thereby modifying each item to perform better or give better loot. This makes it a necessity for enchanting.

Each time a player enchants a piece of their gear, one to three Lapis Lazuli are used. Players need to collect a substantial amount of this rare blue ore before enchanting all of their equipment.


1) Raw Lapis shards can be crafted into blue dye. Dyes help players change the color of different items in the game, like beds and banners. Also, cyan dye can be created using green dye and the resulting blue dye from Lapis.

2) A block of Lapis Lazuli can be made from Lapis. It uses nine pieces of raw Lapis Lazuli shards in a crafting table. These blocks can be used for decoration or building. Their blue color is calming.

Lapis Lazuli is a special and effective resource in Minecraft, being used to make the player’s gear stronger while also being the only ore that can be used for dying items.