BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Tournamets Point System – Mangal Yadav



There are many big tournaments of BGMI and PUBG Mobile, which have a lot of prize pool and its Esports matches and in this we get to see Position and Kills Finish Points, then these Position Points and Kills Finish Points are given to Teams. We go and according to that the Ranking of the Points Table of Teams is made, in a BGMI and PUBG Mobile Tournaments, we see mostly 15 to 18 Teams playing in any BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Tournament, we get the Points Table which position and Finish Points are the same in all Tournaments, so let’s start and see how Points are distributed in BGMI and Esports Tournaments.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Tournamets Point Distribution:-

In almost all tournaments of PUBG Mobile and BGMI, 1 point of kill / finish is seen and points of position are seen, point is not seen on anything else, maximum 15 points of 1 position are seen. 12 Points of Postion are seen Points are given in this way and to see the points of all positions, you can see the points table given below.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Tournamets Point System – Table:-

Position Points
1 15 Points
2 12 Points
3 10 Points
4 8 Points
5 6 Points
6 4 Points
7 2 Points
8 – 12 1 Points
13 – 18 0 Points
Per Kill/Finish= 1 Point

In this way Points are distributed in all Tournaments of BGMI and PUBG Mobile PMCO, BGIS, PMPL, PMWL and Winning are also big Tournaments so far, Points are given to Teams in this way and Postion and Kill/Finish in any other way. Points of this kind are not available.

This was information about BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Tournaments Point System, I hope you have understood this information about Point System.
Thank you!