Which game does triggered insaan play in storytime?


carryminati and Triggered insaan In their storytime videos, you always get to see some games going on, playing. The question of many people has been that which are the games that we see in the background, that is what we are going to know in this post. Is.

The game videos in Story Time are available only in their gaming channels like Carryminati and Triggered insaan, but they do not get anything, due to which you do not get to know these games properly.

  1. The first game is GTA 5 Online, now everyone must know about this game even if no one has written the name. carryminati and Triggered insaan This game has some mode gameplay inside its video Appears to be using.
  2. The second game is Minecraft, everyone must have known this game too, Trigger Man played this game in the beginning of his gaming channel and still play it. That’s why you also get to see the videos of this game in their storytime videos.
  3. The next game is Apex legends, this game also you get to see in their storytime video, it is an fps multiplayer shooting game which is seen using carryminati and triggered insaan in its storytime and roasting videos.
  4. Then you will also get to see videos of Valorant game which is a very famous game, you must have seen the gameplay of this game in their storytime videos.
  5. Phasmophobia You must have seen this horror game playing in the background in their horror story videos of Carryminati and Triggered insaan, when they explain a horror story, then they are seen using the video of this game.
  6. Then comes Fps Parkour game Mirror edge, it is a parkour game as the name suggests. This game is not only used by Carryminati and Triggered insaan but many big and small YouTubers have been seen and come.
  7. The next game is Bhop go, a game in which you have to jump from platform to platform with a knife or gun in your hand in a strange world. You must have seen in the video of insaan.
  8. The next game is Gang Beasts, a fun game that you must have seen playing Carryminati and Triggered insaan many times in their live streaming. He is seen using this game in his storytime video.
  9. Karlson is also seen using this game in his storytime video, it is a 3D FPS game that you get to see many gamers playing for fun.
  10. Everyone knows this CS-GO game too. You will also see their gameplay in storytime videos or in many streams because this game is also played a lot, so its video is used inside the video.
  11. Then the next game is Dying Light, this is a very good and famous FPS action, paracord zombie game whose gameplay many gamers like to use in their videos. This is a zombie game in which you also get to see a good story. Is.
  12. The next game is GhostRunner, a speed-running parkour game in which you have to climb from wall to wall and keep on hitting your enemies in one hit while hanging.
  13. Then you also get to see this game DownWard, in which you hang on from one place to another using your powers and keep moving forward from here on to the level.
  14. Titanfall is an fps shooting game whose gameplay is used by Triggered Insaan and carryminati as well as many other big YouTubers, in which you have to jump from here to there and use your gun to kill enemies and move forward. This is a futuristic action fps parkour game.
  15. The next game is Hot Lava, in this game you get to see lava everywhere on the ground and you have to go from one place to another by hanging from the lava and if you fall in the lava then you will be out.

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