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What Is FPS in Gaming?

The full meaning of FPS is Frame Per Second, that means how many pictures are shown in a second, they are called FPS, when you play the game, you work on mobile or computer, then the picture on the screen keeps increasing per second, winning times in that 1 second. Even the picture changes, at that time FPS is running on your screen, if you do gaming, then every game runs on different FPS, all games support different FPS, if a game has a graphic setting of 30FPS, then they play that game. At the time, 30 pictures of a second are changing on the screen of your phone or computer, if a game has a graphic setting of 60FPS, then on that game, 60 pictures are changing in its screen in the second 60, in such a way that the setting of the game is up to FPS. There are so many pictures that keep increasing on that screen in a second, in high FPS you get to see good graphics and picture quality, the more FPS you will get, the more graphics and picture quality you will get and the more FPS the less the graphics and the picture. The quality of the game will be bad to see that the FPS of the game Ice and Game are based on the Graphic of Low End Device, then FPS will be low, if High End Device is High End Device, then FPS will be high and you will get the same FPS limit in the graphic setting of the game, you will get more FPS in Computer Games but We get to see less FPS in mobile games

Full Form of FPS :- Frame Per Second

How To Increase FPS in Games, PUBG Mobile/Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire:-

The FPS of each game and device is different, FPS is based on the graphic setting of your phone’s processor and game, if you want to increase the FPS, then you have to download a Third Part App called GFX Tool for different games. Party Apps and Tools are available, you can increase the FPS of the game you install in your phone and if you want to increase the FPS of your phone without third party apps, then you have to keep your phone’s RAM clean, close all the apps of Backgrund. You will have to keep it automatic FPS increase in your phone, in this way you can increase FPS.

What is FPS in PUBG Mobile/Battlegrounds Mobile India:-

In PUBG Mobile / BGMI, we get to see the setting up to 90FPS, which we get to see on Smooth in the setting, in 90FPS, 90 pictures are changing on your screen in a second.

60FPS Meaning:-

60FPS means 60 frames change in a second while playing the game and doing any other work in your screen, they are called 60 Frame Per Second.

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