Top 5 Popular Gaming YouTuber in India, Best Indian Gamers on YouTube



In India, we get to see a lot of Gamers and YouTubers who have Subscribers in their Millions and they are earning a lot of money from YouTube and Gaming itself and these Gaming YouTubers in Million people watch it and follow and who is this Famous Gamer. He has become India’s Best Gaming Creators by uploading his Gaming Skill and Gameplay Videos on his channel and he is a Gamers and YouTubers, he has become a Celebrity, this is the Ranking of Top Indian Gamers and YouTuber We have seen their Popularity, Subscribers and Achievements So let’s start and see which are the Best and Popular Gaming YouTubers in India.

Top 5 Popular Gaming YouTuber in India:-

#1 Techno GamerZ:-


Techno GamerZ comes to No.1 who is a Famous Gaming Video Creator of India His real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia That’s why Techno GamerZ comes at No.1 in the list of Most Popular Gaming YouTubers.

#2 Total Gaming:-

Coming to No.2 Total Gaming whose real name is Ajju Bhai has more than 28 Million Subscribers on his YouTube channel, who is India’s Most Subscribed Gaming YouTuber, he uploads Free Fire Gameplay Videos to his channel and also does Live Stream. They have more than 1 Channel on YouTube, so in the list of Top Indian Gamers on YouTube, Total Gaming comes at No.2.

#3 Dynamo Gaming:-

No.3 comes Dynamo Gaming which is one of the few old gaming YouTubers in India Dynamo’s real name is Aditya Sawant, he has close to 10 Million Subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is a live stream of BGMI, PUBG Mobile and GTA 5 on his channel And their name come to those who started Gaming in India, hence Dynamo Gaming comes at No.3 in the ranking of Top Gamer in India.

#4 Mythpat:-

Coming to No.4, Mythpat is a Popular Content Creator, his real name is Mithilesh Patankar, he has more than 10 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Mythpat uploads all kinds of videos on his YouTube channel but also his Minecraft, GTA 5 videos. It is very popular, he always uploads some New Gaming Content on his channel, so Who is the Best Gaming YouTuber in India comes on Mythpat No.4 in the ranking.

#5 A S Gaming:-

On No.5 we get to see AS Gaming which is the popular gamer of Free Fire Game AS Gaming’s real name is Sahil Rana, he has more than 14 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel AS Gaming, he is Regular Free Fire Gameplay Videos on his channel. Therefore, AS Gaming comes at No.5 in the Ranking List of  Top Gaming Creator on YouTube.

5 Best Gaming YouTuber in India 2021:-

1. Techno GamerZ
2. Total Gaming
3. Dynamo Gaming
4. Mythpat
5. A S Gaming

These were some of India’s Top Gamer and Gaming YouTuber, which gamer do you like, you can tell by commenting below, and hope you would have liked the information about this Top Gaming YouTuber.