Top 5 BGMI Esports Player in India



Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile are very popular games and these games also have big Esports Tournaments which play popular Esports Player. Today we are going to see who is the Best Esports Player in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, we are going to make this Top 5 Player Ranking by looking at their Skills, Achievements, Gameplay and Past Performance, so let’s start and see Who is the Best BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Player in India.

Top 5 Best BGMI Esports Player in India:-

#1 Jonathan Gaming:-

Coming to No.1 Jonathan Gaming who is India’s Best Esports Player and BGMI Game Player, he plays for Team Godlike Esports and it is very difficult to beat him in BGMI Tournaments Jonathan Gaming in Best PUBG Mobile and BGMI Player so far One of them also has a YouTube channel named Jonathan Gaming on YouTube, so Jonathan Gaming comes at No.1 in the list of Top BGMI Esports Players.

#2 Mavi:-

No.2 comes Mavi who plays Esports for Team Soul and Soul Mavi is also called India’s Best IGL, his gameplay with a good IGL is also very amazing, he has made his team reach #2 at the World Level. Soul Mavi had a big hand in me, he has won many tournaments for his team, he also has a YouTube channel named Mavi on YouTube, so Mavi comes at No.2 in Best BGMI Esports IGL and Player.

#3 Zod:-

No.3 comes ZGod which is called BGMI’s Most Skilled Player. Zod plays for Team Goldlike Esports and ZGod has won many tournaments for his team. Has played Esports Tournaments, he has a channel on YouTube called ZGod Gaming, which is why ZGod comes at No.3 in the list of Best PUBG Mobile and BGMI Esports Player.

#4 ScoutOP:-

No.4 comes Scout who is one of the oldest Esports players in PUBG Mobile and BGMI Scout plays eSports for Team Soul Scout took his team to #2 in World League Tournament He is also an amazing BGMI player He has a channel named Scout on YouTube, so Scout Best PUBG Mobile Esports Player comes at No.4 in 2021.

#5 GiLL:-

Comes in at No.5 GiLL who is also known as OR GiLL GiLL plays Esports for Orange Rock(OR) GiLL is part of the OR Team that became India’s puzzle team that finished at No.2 in the World League He and Top Fragger were also GiLL GiLL is a very good Esports Player, he has a channel named GiLL on YouTube, so GiLL comes at No.5 in Popular BGMI and PUBG Mobile Esports Player.

5 Best Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports Player:-

1. Jonathan Gaming
2. Mavi
3. Zod
4. ScoutOP
5. GiLL
These were some of India’s Best BGMI and PUBG Mobile Game’s Esports Player, out of which is your favorite Esports Player, you can tell by commenting below, and hope you will like this information about Best BGMI Esports Player 2021.
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