Tips and Tricks To Get Free Titles in BGMI and PUBG Mobile



In BGMI and PUBG Mobile, we get to see a lot of titles which are very amazing, the good titles in BGMI and PUBG Mobile are mostly Mythic and Legendary and we also get to see some popular titles like Overachiever, Weapon Master, Perfectionist, Unique Destiny Some of these titles are very popular in BGMI and PUBG Mobile and there are many tips to unlock BGMI Titles so that you can easily unlock these titles in your BGMI and PUBG Mobile-ID. So let’s start and see How To Get Titles in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

How to get Titles in Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI)/PUBG Mobile:-

1. Complete Title Mission:-

Within BGMI and PUBG Mobile, some missions are given for all the titles, which if you complete, you will get that title, but there are many players who do not read the missions of the title properly, so there are many in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Not all players have titles, so you have to read the missions of the title properly and unlock that title, this was our How to Get Free Titles in BGMI/PUBG Mobile Tip No.1

2. Play Arcade Matches:-

A lot of players play Classic Matches to complete the Missions of the Title, but you can also complete the Missions of the Title in Arcade Matches. Classic Match takes a lot of time but due to the quick completion of Arcade Match, your Missions are completed quickly. And you will get the title of BGMI quickly, this was our Get PUBG Mobile Titles Tip No.2

3. Play Solo Vs Squad:-

When you do a mission of a title, then you have to keep in mind that you always play Solo Vs Squad Matches because if you play in Squad Vs Squad then the missions of your title will never be completed, so always play matches in Solo Vs Squad This was our Get All Titles in BGMI Tip No.3

These were some 3 tips by which you can easily take the titles in your BGMI game, I hope you would have liked to know about this How To Get Free Titles in BGMI.

1. How to get Overachiever in BGMI:-
When you complete 2800 Points in your BGMI Game, you get the title of Overachiever in BGMI.
2. how to get perfectionist title in pubg and BGMI:-
When you take Royal Pass for 6 consecutive times in PUBG and BGMI, you get the title of Perfectionist.
3. how to get warehouse title in bgmi:-
You have to mastery 3 types of Guns in BGMI, only then do you get the title of Warehouse.
4. How to get Conqueror title in BGMI:-
You have to reach the Conqueror Tier in any season of BGMI, then you get the Conqueror Title.