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Who is Pahadi Gaming?

Pahadi Gaming’s real name is Lokesh Karakoti, he is a resident of Delhi, India, he is a Professional Gamer, YouTuber, and Esports Player, he has two such channels on YouTube Pahadi Gaming and Pahadi Gamer on Pahadi Gaming YouTube Channel 1.3 Million Subscriber and on Pahadi Gamer Channel Has 1.35 Million Subscribers Play Free Fire Esports for Pahadi Gamer Team Elite with him Pahadi Gaming is a very good player of Free Fire, he does Regular Live Stream on his Pahadi Gaming Channel and Regular Free Fire Gameplay and Esports Gameplay on Pahadi Gamer Channel Sniper plays very well in Pahadi Gaming Free Fire Game, his name comes in Worlds Best Sniper Player of Free Fire Pahadi Gaming has played in many big Esports Tournaments of Free Fire, this was Pahadi Gaming information about.

Pahadi Gaming/Pahadi Gamer Wikipedia:-

Real Name Lokesh Karakoti
In-Game Name CRX-Pahadi
Profession YouTuber & Esports Player
Pahadi Gaming Age 20
Date of Birth(Birthday) 16 January 2001
Birth Place Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Address Dwarka, Delhi
Pahadi Gaming Free Fire UID 180839874
College Dwarka, Delhi
Playing PC Games and Free Fire
Famous For Free Fire Gameplay
Monthly Income 4 lakh to 5 Lakh
Instagram ID @pahadigaming
Twitter ID N/A
YouTube Pahadi Gaming, Pahadi Gamer
YT Subscribers 1.33 Million/ 1.35 Million

Pahadi Gaming Real Name, Age, Free Fire ID, Photo, Stylish Name, Face, Phone Number, Intro, Logo, Net Worth, Income Instagram:-

Pahadi Gamer’s name is Lokesh Karakoti, he is a very popular Free Fire Gamer, Esports Player, and YouTuber in India, he has two YouTube channels named YouTube Pahadi Gaming and Pahadi Gamer, both channels have more than 1 Million Subscribers and 368K on his Instagram. The follower is Pahadi Gamer Known for his Gameplay of Esports Tournaments of Free Fire Pahadi Gamer is also called Sniper King in Free Fire he is one of the Best Sniper Player of Free Fire Pahadi Gaming uploaded many of his photos to Instagram Pahadi Gamer’s Age is 21 and Pahadi Gaming’s Phone Number is not yet Revealed Pahadi Gaming’s Intro is amazing, their Intro Video is the best, their YouTube Channel’s logo is amazing Pahadi Gaming’s Name Style CRX-Pahadi is something like this Pahadi Gamer’s Free Fire ID: – This is 180839874 and Pahadi Gaming does most of its Earnings from YouTube, Esports and Gaming Monthly Income of Pahadi Gaming:- 4 lakh to 5 lakh is close to it was P Information about ahead gamer.

Pahadi Gaming Free Fire Real Name, Nickname, In-Game Name:-

The real name of Pahadi Gaming Free Fire is Lokesh Karakoti, his Nickname is Pahadi, his In-Game Name is CRX-Pahadi.

Pahadi Gaming Free Fire ID:- 180839874

Pahadi Gaming Which Country/Address:-

Pahadi Gaming hails from Delhi, India.

Pahadi Gaming Free Fire Monthly Income:-

Pahadi Gaming Monthly Income is 4 to 5 lakhs.

Pahadi Gaming Free Fire Face:-


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