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Who is Navrit Gaming

Navrit Gaming’s real name is Naval Joshi, he is a resident of Delhi, he is a popular Minecraft YouTuber and Gamer, he has a channel named Navrit Gaming on YouTube, he has more than 6 lakh subscribers on YouTube Navrit Gaming Regular Minecraft Videos on his YouTube Channel. Uploading their Minecraft videos is amazing, Navrit Gaming has two more channels with them on YouTube, the name of the first channel is The Paws Family and on which they post videos of Vlogs and the name of their second channel is Navrit Gaming Live on which He Uploads Videos of PC Games Navrit Gaming is a very good Video Gaming Creator Navrit Gaming loves to play Minecraft and GTA 5 Games this was information about Navrit Gaming.

Navrit Gaming Wikipedia:-

Real Name Naval Joshi
In-Game Name Navrit Gaming
Profession YouTuber and Gamer
Navrit Gaming  Age 29
Date of Birth(Birthday) 1 October 1992
Birth Place Delhi, India
Address Delhi, India
Navrit Gaming Phone Number  N/A
College Delhi, India
Playing PC Games and Minecraft
Famous For Minecraft and GTA 5 Gameplay
Monthly Income 2 lakh to 3 Lakh
Instagram ID @navritgaming
Twitter ID @NavritGaming
YouTube Navrit Gaming
YT Subscribers 610K

Navrit Gaming Real Name, Age, Wife, Minecraft Skin, Live, World, one Block, Shaders Download, skyblock, Monthly Income, Net worth, Instagram:-

Navrit Gaming’s name is Naval Joshi, he is a Video Gaming Creator, his YouTube channel name is Navrit Gaming, he has more than 6 lakh subscribers on his YouTube Channel and 7K Followers on Instagram Navrit Gaming is known for its Minecraft and GTA 5 Gameplay Videos. Navrit Gaming also likes to play PC games with them. Navrit Gaming has a lot of Minecraft skin and their Minecraft World is also very amazing Navrit Gaming’s Minecraft and GTA 5 videos are very amazing whenever they are on their channel. But they upload videos, they get millions of views, Navrit Gaming’s Skyblock and One Block are very good, Navrit Gaming does most of its Earnings from YouTube and Sponsorship. Navrit Gaming’s Net Worth is close to 20 lakhs and Navrit Gaming’s Monthly Income It is close to 2 lakh to 3 lakh, this was the information about Navrit Gaming.

Navrit Gaming Real Name, Nickname, In-Game Name:-
Navrit Gaming’s real name is Naval Joshi, his nickname is Naval, this is his InGame name Navrit Gaming.
Navrit Gaming Minecraft Skins
Navrit Gaming Address:-  
Navrit Gaming hails from Delhi, India.

Navrit Gaming Monthly Income:-

Navrit Gaming Monthly Income is 2 to 3 lakhs.

Navrit Gaming Wife Name:-

The name of the wife of Navrit Gaming is Ritu Pathak Joshi.

This was the detailed information about Navrit Gaming.