How to win as many matches as possible in Free Fire MAX?


Top 5 tips for new players for wins in Free Fire MAX: Free Fire MAX is the advanced version of Free Fire that is being loved by the mobile battle royale community. The game scenes have changed, the goal remains the same, survive till the end and win the game.

Many experienced players in the game have mastered this aspect, newcomers and new players to the game may need some help in completing it. It can certainly be tough at first, but by following a few tips and applying them, winning matches in the game will be easy.

Top 5 tips new players for wins in Free Fire MAX

Always play with the players of your team

Playing with experienced players in Free Fire MAX is also a great way to learn. Learning from someone who already knows the game well is the fastest way to get better.

Experienced players can help new players understand the basics of the game, with controls, how to use the character’s abilities, and more.

Try to maintain maximum HP and EP

To win more matches in Free Fire MAX, players must try to keep their HP and EP full at all times. Medkit is easy to come by in-game, so healing should be a top priority.

Using medkits to heal is active healing, players can also heal passively with the help of EP. There are three ways to generate an EP in-game. The first two methods can be done using mushrooms and bonfires, while the third option will require a character like K to generate its own EP.

Keeping the EP full at all times will allow players to slowly regenerate their HP over time. This is a great way to preserve medkits and fix them passively without worry.

use glue wall

Whether it’s fighting or crossing an open field, glue walls are a lifesaver in Free Fire MAX. Being able to master this tactical item is extremely important in the game.

However, many players avoid mastering this item, and while it’s fine for a degree of casual gameplay, it must be learned in order to play in Ranked Mode. Fast glue wall, and 360° glue wall, are some of the tricks that can be learned.

Play safe games

As a beginner, the best way to win more matches in Free Fire MAX is to play it safe. The objective of the match is not to get the maximum number of eliminations, but to try and survive until the end.

This is a great way for new players to understand the game on their own. Although the progress will be slow, learning to survive by playing it safe is a very important aspect in the game.

Arms movement and movement

Unlike other battle royale games, Free Fire MAX doesn’t penalize players who enjoy running and gunning in Hip Fire mode. While this is a viable alternative to shooting at opponents, accuracy will drop with range, and a lot of bullets will be wasted.

New players must know how to aim the enemy for accurate shots. This will not only help in conserving ammunition, but will also inflict more damage on the enemy player. In addition to being able to ADS, players should also practice movement during the match.

This is an easy skill to master, and anyone can do it with a little practice.