How to Survive Players in PUBG New State? Know about hot-drop and low-risk locations


Some videos of the PUBG New State mobile game have been released on YouTube. In which the city of Troi (Troi) is shown. It has a map of Troi, the main battlefield.

For the latest battle royale experience, Crafton has released the beta version of PUBG New State. In addition, you need to know about some of the new PUBG New State to avoid and annihilate enemies in Troi.

What are the hot-drop locations in PUBG New State?


This first hot-drop location in Troi is the Exhibit Hall. It is located in the central area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis futuristic city. The exhibition hall looks like an eye from the top of this settlement. Entering the hall, there are openings where you may have to enter the opening battle for loot.

The top floor is a better place to start the game in this hot-drop location in PUBG New State. You will have enough gear and a better place to shoot, aim and shoot enemies. Several players will land there and try to capture the top floor. So, loot the weapons, and annihilate all the opponents on the roof.

The mall in Troi is also a hot-drop spot due to the huge amount of loot here. Like the exhibit hall, the mall also has spacious spaces and an open terrace. There are many store apartments in this mall with different pros and cons.

The roof is a hot-drop spot in the early stages of the game. Many players will land there to occupy this advantageous position. But if you can survive after this fight, the roof of the mall is also a great place to knock down the enemies below. You can move around easily and surprise the opponents.

Low-ground players can use bulletproof glass and honeycomb architecture to defend themselves. Escalator is a new thing that you cannot enjoy in other games of PUBG. You can choose the right direction of the escalator to go up or down.

Which are the least risky places in PUBG New State?


The laboratory has a unique location for intense close combat. It has several floors with lots of corridors. In addition to ladders, players can jump down through roof windows. There’s nowhere to hide in the central hall, but it’s covered with bullet-proof glass, which keeps you safe as long as you stay inside. But you can’t stay there for the whole match because of the blue zone.

The trailer park is full of bunkers and close combat. It is not a hot-drop location but the trailer park is still a high-risk location. You need to climb up and start a fire. But you can get killed when you’re climbing. If you think you can’t win and want to escape, there is a ramp at the end of the runway to escape and escape from this hot-drop spot.

In addition, there are many places on the edge of the map where you can loot a lot of things. For example, the port on the southwest coast is also a prosperous place. City Hall, Faloch, etc. are also less at risk but rich in loot. You can also start with the little houses around the map.