How To Reach Conqueror Fast in BGMI and PUBG Mobile



You play Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile but if you want to make a Conqueror in BGMI and PUBG Mobile then you have to Rank Push and when you reach Ace Tier if your Ranking comes inside Top 500 then you have to be Conqueror. Title and Conqueror Frame are given, there are many players who do Daily Conqueror Push but they never reach the Conqueror Tier if you have a good Squad that plays with you daily and all the players in the Squad are good, then you should rank in the Squad. If you have two members in your squad then you should do Duo Conqueror Push and if you are Solo Player then you should push Solo Conqueror Rank if you want to reach Conqueror fast and easily then you should do Duo and Solo Rank Push so that You can easily reach Conqueror, today I will tell you some such tips by which you can do Conqueror Push fast and easily, but you have to play every game well and take Chicken Dinner as much as possible, then only if you can reach Conqueror, then let’s start and let’s see How To Reach Conqueror Fast in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

5 Tips To Push Conqueror Fast in BGMI and PUBG Mobile:-

1. Make a Squad For Conqueror Push:-

If you want to rank push in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, then you have to first make a good squad with whom you play the game every day, if you do Duo Rank Push then you have to make a good teammate with whom you play daily. If you make a good squad, then you can do rank push well.

2. Fix Drop Location:-

While doing Conqueror Rank Push, you play in any map but your drop location should be fixed and you do not have to take hot drop inside the match, you do not have to land in such places where many players land, you have to fix your one and Safe Drop Location has to be selected.

3. Get Best Loot and Weapons:-

You have to Loot well after the match starts, if you do not have good Loot and Weapons then you cannot kill Enemies, so it is very important to have good Loot and Weapons first, then this is the third tip that you have to do good Loot.

4. Survive and Get Finish Points:-

You have to try this in every game that you can survive until you win, you will be able to survive in the game and the more games you win, the more points you will get, you have to finish as many Enemies as you can with it. Points will be earned and you will easily reach the Conqueror.

5. Get into the Ranking of the Top 500 Players:-

You have to get into the rank of Top 500 Player by Pushing the Rank, when you reach the Ranking of Top 500 Player, you will get the Conqueror Frame and Title at 7:30 in the morning, this was our fifth tip.

By Flowing These Tips You Can Easily Do Coqueror Push Fast and Easily within BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Best Way To Reach Conqueror:-

1. Squad(FPP)
2. Duo 
3. Duo(FPP)
4. Solo
5. Solo(FPP)
If you do Conqueror Push in these Modes, then you can easily reach Conqueror because in these Modes very few players are called, then you can reach Conqueror by playing these Modes.