How to hide Free Fire, BGMI & Games in Android



If you have Games and some such apps in your phone that you have to hide, then by doing some tips, you can easily hide any game and app in your phone, many phones get the option to hide apps but many phones. There are many people who do not have the option to hide apps and games, who hide games like Free Fire, BGMI and PUBG Mobile, today I am going to tell you some tips that how you can also hide in your phone. You can hide any app and game, you have to install an app for it which is a Microsoft app and its name is Microsoft Launcher, you get to see it in all Android phones, so let’s start and see How To Hide Free Fire, BGMI, PUBG Games & in Android Mobile.

How to hide Free Fire, BGMI, Games & Hide Apps in Android:-

Step:-1 – First of all you have to install Microsoft Launcher App on your phone from Play Store, you can easily install it from Play Store.


Step:- 2 –  After installing the Microsoft Launcher app, you have to open the App and set up the App in your phone, after that the phone will be Microsoft Launcher Setup in your phone.


Step:- 3 –  You have to open the Hide option by going to the option of hiding App of Microsoft Launcher.


Step:- 4 – After opening the Hide Apps option of Microsoft Launcher, you have to select the Apps and Games that you have to hide and click on the Done option and all those Apps and Games on your phone will be hidden. Hide BGMI and Free fire game from your home screen.


Step:- 5 – When you want to Unhide these Apps and Games, then you can go to this Settings and Unhide all Apps and Games at any time.


In this way, you can hide Free Fire, BGMI, PUBG Mobile, and any App and Game and if you have the Inbuid Hide Apps option in your phone then you can also hide Apps and Games from that option and this Apps and Games When you hide it, it will also be hidden from your home screen.


This was information about Hide Apps and Games Hope you liked this information about Hide BGMI, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Games and Hide Apps From Home Screen in any Android Easily.
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