How to get V Badge In Free Fire Code Copy, Get Free V Batch in Free Fire Code Golden Trick



If you play Free Fire and Free Fire Max Game then you will know that Free Fire you get to see V Badge which is a big Free Fire Gamer, YouTuber and Esports Player, we get to see them which is the V of Free Fire. Badge is not easily found, you have to first join Free Fire’s Partner Program, only then you can apply for V Badge in Free Fire, it is given in V Badge Game to the popular players of Free Fire.

What is V Badge in Free Fire:-

If you play Free Fire, then many of your popular players must have seen this V Badge, this V Badge is available to those Free Fire Players who are Faumos on YouTube, Facebook or any Streaming Platform, join them in Free Fire’s Partner Program By doing they are given this Free Fire V Badge and this V Badge is of Yellow Color if you are a YouTuber and if you want to take V Badge in Free Fire then your content should be good after you have a lot of Subscribers Only then do you get V Badge in Free Fire, Normal Player of Free Fire does not get this V Badge, this was the information about V Badge of Free Fire.

How to get Free V Badge In Free Fire:-

Step 1:-

To get V Badge in Free Fire, first you must be YouTuber, Streamer, Content Creator or Esports of Free Fire, only then you can apply for Partner Program for V Badge in Free Fire.

Step 2:-

When you become eligible for Free Fire’s Partner Program, then you will get mail in Free Fire Games, then you have to fill that email.

Step 3:-

As soon as you join Free Fire’s Partner Program, you will automatically get V Badge in your Free Fire ID for free.

This was the step by which you are compatible by unlocking V Bagde for Free in your Free Fire, hope you would have liked the information about this V Badge.
Thank you!