How to get Free Character Voucher in BGMI and PUBG Mobile



If you play BGMI game then you will know that in BGMI and PUBG Mobile game we get to see 4 Characters and in this we get Vector Characters for free and to unlock Sara, Carlo, and Andy, Character Vouchers are needed and If you do not have Character Vouchers, then you can also unlock these characters from UC, but there are many ways in BGMI and PUBG Mobile by which you can get many Character Vouchers for free, so today I will tell you some such ways. I am the one with which you can get Unlimited Character Vouchers in your BGMI and PUBG Mobile ID for free, so let’s start and see How To Get Character Vouchers For Sara, Carlo, Andy in BGMI, and PUBG Mobile.

How to get Free Character Voucher in BGMI and PUBG Mobile:-

1. Character Voucher Events:-

Friends, we get to see a lot of big events in BGMI and PUBG Mobile games, in which you can take Character Vouchers for free, but we rarely get to see these Character Vouchers events, so whenever such events come in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You have to first redeem the Free Character Vouchers by completing the missions of all the events.

2. Redeem Code:-

In BGMI and PUBG Mobile, we get to see a lot of Redeem Codes, which you can get rewards for free by entering on the website of BGMI and PUBG Mobile, in you also get to see Character Vouchers in Free, then you can use this Redeem Code. You can get Character Vouchers for free.

3. 1 UC = 1 Character Voucher:-

If you have UC in your account then you can take 1 Character Vouchers from 1 UC.

This was how you can get Character and Character Vouchers for free, hoping you would have liked to know about this How to get Free characters in BGMI.
Thank you!