How to become an Esports Player? How to earn money by joining Esports sitting at home.


Friends, a lot of people join Esports, he is a Competetive Player who plays Esports, many games are played in Esports and all the games have different Esports Organization and Tournaments which are Esports Organization Those who are Esports Player By giving their salary, get them fed from their Esports Organization.

If you also want to become an Esports Player, then you will have to first join an Esports Organization, only then you will be able to become an Esports Player. To join any organization, you must first show that organization that you have that ability I can become an Esports Player, if you have played in Esports before and you want to join any organization, then you can join that organization by Contact them on that organization’s email.

How much money does Esports Player earn?

Many games are played in Esports, there are different organizations in Esports, there are many Esports players and that player plays games for their organization and the organization gives them a salary, some Esports organizations are big, some organizations are small. Salary Organization of Esports Player is based on its Achievements, Game, Tournaments. An organization is based on its Esports Player on their Achievements and Experience. There are many Esports Organizations in India in which Esports Player’s Salary is in lakhs and that Esports Player Only doing Esports full time, if seen, the Salary of an Experience Esports Player in India can range from 4 to 5 lakhs.

How to play and join Esports sitting at home?

Friends, you can play Esport games while sitting at home, you do not need to join Esports Organization to join Esports, if you want to play Esports in Pubg Mobile or BGMI then all you have to do is make your own team and you can join any big Esports Tournament. You can register and play in Esports sitting at home and if your team shows good performance then you can later create your own Esports Organization.

In this way, you can become an Esports Player and you can earn money by joining Esports sitting at home.
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