Get Free Fire Diamonds: How To Get Free Rewards From Diwali Top Up Event


How to get Free Fire Diamonds from Diwali Top Up event: Free Fire Diamonds are the game’s premium currency, and diamonds cannot be obtained in-game. This currency is required for most in-game purchases, including buying characters, pats, and other items.

In addition, the game’s developers add special top up events to encourage players to purchase in-game currency. It offers them many incentives in the form of free, attractive, and special skins and other rewards to get diamonds.

Weapon loot crates and an emote will be given free of cost at the recently launched Diwali Top Up event.

How to get Free Fire Diamonds from Diwali Top Up event

Players have multiple options to buy Diamonds in Free Fire for the Diwali Top Up event. However, the Games Kharido website is under maintenance, while Free Fire Top Up is currently closed on CodeShop. Thus, players only have the in-game top up store left. From which players can buy diamonds.

To claim free rewards after getting diamonds from top-up event follow the given steps:-

Step 1 – After opening Free Fire, the user has to first go to the in-game top-up center by clicking on the diamond icon.

Step 2 – Gamers will be able to find various top-up options on their screen. They can choose what is required and proceed with the purchase.

Step 3 – Pay your wish and complete the process and get the respective amount of Diamonds.

Step 4 – Thereafter, the user can go to the top-up event to claim two rewards set by the developers – 3x Soloist and Disc Jockey Weapon Loot Crates and Mind It Emote.

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