Crate Opening Tips and Tricks For BGMI/PUBG Mobile



All of you must have done Crate Opening in PUBG Mobile and BGMI at some point of time, but it happens many times that no matter how many times you open the Crate, even you do not get any Outfit or Gun Skin from the Crate but sometimes it also happens. That someone gets out of that outfit in 1 or 2 spins or the skin of the gun goes out, earlier it used to happen that you used to lose that outfit or skin in 1 or 2 spins, otherwise no one gets any skin. That’s why after the update of PUBG Mobile / BGMI, a limit has been set in it that you will get that Gun Skin or Outfit in so many spins, they have a limit of 200 Spin or 300 Spin, after that, you get that skin more than them. You will not have to spin that particular Outfit or Gun Skin in as many spins, you need to have more luck than Trick in Crate Opening, you can get that Gun Skin even after 200 Spin at the end, otherwise 1 or 2 In Spin also you can get some such New Crate Opening Tips and Tricks For PUBG Mobile/Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) 2021 will tell that you will get 100% Rewards of PUBG Mobile / BGMI Crate Opening Trick and you will increase the luck of Crate Opening so that you will get that skin in the minimum spin.

Crate Opening Tips and Tricks For PUBG Mobile/Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI):-

1. Remove All Gun Skins and Clothes:-

Before you open any Crate, you have to win your game before you have skin like Gun Skin and the clothes which are the first to get the default clothes that come first, so that PUBG Mobile / BGMI will feel this is a New If you have an account, then the chances of adding skin quickly increase, so while opening the crate, remove all the skins, this was the first trick.

2. Collect All Free Classic and Premium Coupons:-

In the game, you have to collect Classic and Premium Coupons which you get for free, so that if someone new comes to do Classic or Premium then you will already have Free Crate and by opening Crates in your Free your chances will increase and you will get Free A Mythic or Legendary Outfit or Gun Skin can also be found, this was the second trick of Crate Opening.

3. Tap 10 Times on Skin:-

Whenever you open a crate, click 10 times on the skin or outfit that you want to get out, that your luck will increase and the chance of getting your skin increases, it may also happen that the skin will go out in 3 or 4 spin only.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI Crate Opening Trick 100% Rewards:-

1. Remove All Gun Skin And Clothes Before Crate Opening 
2. Collect All Free Classic and Premium Coupons For Free Crates 
3. Tap 10 Times On Skin For Increase Luck 
These were 3 Tricks For Crate Opening Tips and Tricks For PUBG Mobile/Battlegrounds Mobile India Many people are using these tricks and skin is coming out, you too can get skins by using these tricks.
Thank you!