How did gaming grow in India? Information about Indian Gaming Community


1. Gaming in our country has progressed a lot and will move forward a lot in the country, due to the reason of going ahead in the country, many people want to make gaming their career.

2. Espost in the country is also progressing very fast, I am making a career in esport player Gaming, I am going to move forward very fast in Esport

 PUBG MOBILE has the highest hand in pursuing gaming in India:-

Gaming has progressed a lot since I came to PUBG Mobile in April 2017 Gaming is going to go a lot ahead but due to PUBG BAN, the speed of gaming in India has been done, but later when the games come again, then definitely gaming will move forward again in India.

People who help Gaming to move forward in India:-

1. Dynamo gaming
2. Mortal
3. Animesh Agarwal (8bitThug)
5. Scout

In the future, the Indian Gaming Community will go a long way. Gaming is such a thing that it is increasing day by day, if it continues like this, then one day Indian Gaming Community will become very big. A lot of people have got information about what is sport, that’s why people are trying to join gaming, in the future, esport will be considered like other physical sports and people will become a part of it. That gaming is just a time pass, but now people are convinced that they can do something even with gaming, so gaming is progressing day by day.

Why do people see their gameplay?

  • People are increasingly turning to video games for relaxation (58%) and playing with friends (58%) as well as relieving stress (51%). About 28% of gamers are not concerned with their skill level, yet ironically, no one likes to be identified as a “noob” (gamer code for the new kid on the block).
  • Just under 6% identified as noobs, while 13% consider themselves to be just beyond noob level; 28% identify as casual gamers, 37% as “pretty darn good”, and 17% feel they can compete with pro gamers.

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