Image Captures How Halo Infinite Progression and Cosmetics Are Lacking Compared to Older Games


One Halo Infinite player creates a graphic that compares the new game’s progression and cosmetics to an older game’s and finds Halo Infinite wanting.

Fans of Halo Infinite have had two weeks to dive into the game’s free-to-play multiplayer beta, and responses appear to have been decidedly mixed. Some players are enjoying the game’s solid mechanics while other players seem to be hung up on the rewards being offered and the limited progression Halo Infinite currently offers. One fan neatly summarized the difference between Halo Infinite‘s progression and Halo Reach‘s progression in one graphic.

A Redditor went through the extensive library of past Halo games and settled on Halo: Reach, a 2010 release that served as the fifth game in the series. Although Halo Infinite modeled its season after Halo: Reach, it appears that the new game still has a ways to go when it comes to catching up to its predecessors.The Redditor took screenshots of a character taken from the current multiplayer release of Halo Infinite–which is still in beta–and one from Halo: Reach and set them side by side for comparison. According to the post title, the Halo Infinite character was screenshotted after 41 hours of gameplay and the Halo: Reach character was screenshotted after 32 hours of gameplay on the PC version. Although both characters are clearly wearing the distinctive Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor of Spartans, the Halo Infinite character appears to simply be wearing a bright blue version of the default armor design while the Halo: Reach character is sporting orange accents and a helm that evokes the imagery of an Ancient Greek or Roman helmet.

Although the Greek or Roman helmet may have been chosen for more impact than style or ease of acquisition, it appears that players had an easier–or at least faster–time getting new cosmetics in Halo: Reach than Halo Infinite. And not only that, but the cosmetics are more visually distinct. Reportedly, Halo Infinite cosmetics have more in common with Apex Legends than previous Halo games. The team behind Halo Infinite has declared that the game will feature wacky cosmetics and boast more customization options than any other game in the franchise. However, it appears that fans have yet to find these cosmetics and customization options, possibly because of Halo Infinite‘s continued beta status.

As of writing, fans appear to be split on the subject of this criticism of Halo Infinite‘s progression. Several users noted that they preferred more subdued and practical helmets, with one user directly stating that the Greek or Roman helmet looked “free-to-play.” Another group of users debated whether Halo Infinite having been available for just two weeks explained its lack of cosmetics. It’s possible that more options will be available once the game officially launches.