Shroud Points Out Potential Problem With New World Server Mergers


Twitch streamer Shroud talks about server merges coming to New World and how best to do them without creating too much economic chaos.

New World has had a tumultuous launch, unique even among a large number of tumultuous MMO launches. Coinciding with that is a surge of players in New World‘s launch window that peter out over time leaving a solid community of core players remaining. Now Amazon is left trying to figure out how best to deal with New World, with server merges guaranteed but uncertainty surrounding how merges will impact the game. Twitch streamer Shroud, for one, is wary of what merges may result in.

Shroud, who’s become Twitch’s foremost New World streamer, spoke about the MMO’s upcoming server merges candidly during a recent stream. Part of the conversation revolved around how best to combine servers to prevent one server to dominate the other. Shroud believes that, due to the competitive nature of New World, different server sizes combined could throw economies into disarray. After all, a small server’s company would have great access to resources than a medium-sized server which was much more competitive. Shroud’s initial conclusion is to only merge small servers with other small servers, or medium-sized servers with other medium-sized New World servers. That way, the players from each server are at the very least on somewhat equal footing. They’ll have had comparable access to resources and loot, and will have faced comparable amounts of threats in order to have earned their rewards. It’s a reasonable line of thinking when the goal is to integrate servers with as little economic shakeup as possible.

That’s just Shroud’s initial thought, however. His ultimate conclusion involved more throwing his hands up in the air, as he acknowledges that combining two small servers will likely lead to an abundance in items that will create its own unique kind of chaos.

What Shroud finally decides on is that server merges are going to create chaos in New World, regardless, saying, “It’s a merge, it’s gonna happen, there are a lot of people coming.” However, he firmly stands on the idea that it’s “better to do it than not do it,” because healthy server populations in chaos are still better than low-population servers unable to maintain rigorous activity.

Server merges are coming to New World regardless of players’ feelings about them. They remain, however, “on the horizon.” Like when Amazon initially promised server transfers, it still has a long road ahead of itself to ensure it’s able to execute server merges efficiently and without any emergencies. That means server merges could be weeks or months away yet. Amazon is unlikely to discuss its server merge policy with Shroud or others, but it’s still interesting to consider how the merges will impact players and the community.