Secretlab Has Some Solid Deals on Gaming Chairs

It’s Black Friday shopping season again, with several sales on various gaming hardware and software. These include a variety of deals for PC Gaming, whether it be for a new computer, laptop, or other accessories. One important accessory is a comfortable gaming chair, which is something that Secretlab specializes in. Its website is now live with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, showing off impressive promotions and deals for its line of chairs, whether it utilized for gaming or working from home.

Many retailers have opened up for Black Friday deals on both the virtual and physical storefronts. Secretlab is no exception, where it is known for its high-quality, award-winning gaming chairs. These even have incredible IP branding on them, from designs based on OverwatchLeague of Legends, or even Batman available for purchase. They are all created with quality and comfort at the forefront in mind, and now gamers can get some rather nice deals from its official website.

These deals include many of the company’s latest lines of gaming chairs, with some having bigger discounts than others. This includes the latest addition to Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 series of chairs, released earlier this year. There is a $30 discount on these chairs, whether it be for the Hybrid Leatherette or Software Plus fabric models.

The bigger deal however is for Secretlab’s 2020 Series. While there is a $40 discount on the 2020 PRIME series, the biggest deal from this package are for its NAPA models. Prospective buyers will get a whopping $150 off if they choose to buy a Secretlab 2020 Series NAPA chair, which is a major steal. There’s also a deal on the other chairs, like the NeueChair model having a $50 discount, which includes its Silver and Obsidian models.

The last deal available on the website includes the recently released SecretLab Magnus Metal Desk, which debuted in April. This deal will get a buyer $60 off when they purchase this desk and a desk mat together. This deal however does not apply to every product, with select designs and models being excluded. For example, the deal for the TITAN Evo 2022 Series will be exluded from the Monster HunterSuperman, and Minecraft-branded chairs. Despite that, these are some impressive deals on SecretLab products that shoppers might want to consider.