Sifu Will Require ‘Multiple Runs’ for Players to Understand


In a recent interview, Slocap Executive Producer Pierre Tarno reveals Sifu players may want to make multiple runs to fully understand its secrets.

As more and more time passes, Sifu seems to be getting the attention of PlayStation fans everywhere. It tells the story of a kung fu student’s lifelong hunt of five assassins who murdered his family. The art style, as well as the beat ‘em up approach, has gotten the most attention, and some have even considered stylistically similar to the classic Jet Li: Rise to Honor kung fu game.

Recently, it was confirmed that Sifu would not feature difficulty options, at least at launch. On the one hand, this means those who want more casual options may need to wait, but on the other hand, its very design may not require it. It’s not described as a roguelike, but the effects of a Game Over resetting abilities and such make it sound like one. It all remains in the air for now, but yet another piece of Sifu’s gameplay has been revealed.

Speaking to MP1st, Slocap Executive Producer Pierre Tarno recently revealed that it would require multiple runs to understand all of Sifu’s secrets. In his own words, when asked about the length of the game, Tarno said, “ In terms of replay value, there are a couple of hidden secrets inside the game that might take a couple of runs for players to fully understand.”

Tarno didn’t go much further than this, really posing more questions than answers. Given the design of the game, it’s probably wise to take “runs” at face value, meaning players may not be able to fully understand the game and all of its secrets if they beat it in one run. This should drive players back for more runs, as they slowly but surely piece together secrets found in Sifu.

Notably, again, Sifu has not been described as a roguelike game, but this is a common element of it. While difficulty could factor into how someone approaches a run, games like Hades see new story developments with each new run. It could be that some secrets won’t make sense until experienced a few times, or it could be that more of the story releases as players go through it.

Overall, it remains to be seen, but Sifu has certainly gotten a lot of attention lately. February 2022 already has a bunch of video games releasing alongside Sifu, such as Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Horizon Forbidden West, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Martha is Dead, Elden Ring, and more, but it’s one game fans may not want to sleep on.