New Sea of Thieves Update Will Let Players Bury Their Treasure


Rare teases the introduction of a new feature in an upcoming Sea of Thieves update that will have pirates burying their treasure.

There’s nothing more important to a pirate than digging up treasure, and that’s exactly what players have been doing in Sea of Thieves since Rare’s pirate game launched in 2018. Players collect treasure maps or other tasks, set out to sea, hunt buried treasure, and then dig it up to bring back to Trading Companies for gold. It seems Rare’s ready to flip the script on Sea of Thieves players, however. A new teaser for an upcoming Sea of Thieves update hints that soon players will be burying treasure instead of digging it up.

The teaser in question was shared via the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account with the message, “Maybe we can teach old sea dogs new tricks…” Accompanying the message is a short video featuring the camera slowly zooming in on two busy pirates on a beach. As the camera gets near, it becomes clear that the pirates aren’t digging up treasure, but rather burying a chest in the sand. This is a mechanic not currently in the game, making it seem like these pirates are creating a Sea of Thieves miracle.

There’s no context to the pirates burying the treasure, outside of the fact that it’s clear the Sea of Thieves crew is aware of what it’s doing and happy to do so. They’re not betraying each other or being punished; the pirates truly want this treasure buried. That leaves questions about whether Sea of Thieves will be encouraging players to do this through a new progression track, rewards, or perhaps just to leave gifts for other players.

For now, there are no answers. Rare is introducing a mechanic where Sea of Thieves players can bury treasure and the reason why is unclear. Players will just have to wait until Rare makes an announcement before they find out the answer to this mystery.

Luckily, Sea of Thieves players likely won’t have to wait much longer for more information. If Rare is introducing this feature in an upcoming patch, it makes sense to do it at the end of the next season. Sea of Thieves Season 4 ends very soon, with Season 5 beginning on December 2. As such, an update could be coming within the next week.

For comparison, Season 4 of Sea of Thieves introduced Siren Shrines, Coral loot, Sunken Kingdom Commendations, and more. Rare absolutely use seasonal changes to introduce new major features. Burying treasure looks to be one of the features Rare will be introducing with Season 5, and interested fans will want to stay tuned for more information.