Heartwarming Halo Infinite Clip Shows Teammate Helping Random Player With Challenge


During a recent multiplayer match in Halo Infinite, one player gets help from a fellow Spartan to finish a difficult battle pass challenge.

Since the multiplayer for Halo Infinite unexpectedly launched, many players have been checking out the latest entry in the franchise. While numerous gamers have praised the new maps and smooth gameplay, many of these same fans have become frustrated over problems involving battle pass progression in Halo Infinite.

As mentioned above, Halo Infinite includes a battle pass that can be purchased to unlock new gear. In order to level up, players must complete an assortment of challenges. Despite changes made to the battle pass by 343 Industries, making progress can still take a long time. While some tasks to earn XP is simple to complete, such as playing a daily match, others can prove more difficult. Luckily for one player, they had some help finishing one challenge thanks to a random teammate during an online game.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as Jean_Claude_Vacban shared a video of an unusual interaction they had in Halo Infinite. For context, the video took place during an Oddball match on the Recharge map. Needing to complete a challenge involving getting melee kills with the ball, the player typed in team chat to see if anyone was willing to assist. To their surprise, the Spartan holding the ball dropped it on the ground in front of Jean_Claude_Vacban. The friendly Spartan then repeatedly pinged the ball, signaling for the player to pick it up.

The next portion of the video showed Jean_Claude_Vacban get the 3 kills with the ball necessary to finish the challenge. Once complete, they reentered the team chat and thanked the squadmate for their help. “No worries bro,” the Spartan quickly replied. Before the video ended, the match recap screen was shown, revealing that the player had completed the challenge. They even managed to move to level 27 in the battle pass.

This unexpected interaction between Spartans made an impression on many members of the Halo Infinite community on Reddit. With over 2,300 upvotes in less than a day, many people found the video refreshing compared to the toxicity found in many games. In addition, several members of the community revealed that they had experienced similar acts of kindness during games. One gamer recounted a Big Team Battle challenge involving a Ghost found on the map. According to the player, they needed 3 kills while piloting the vehicle. After asking in the team chat if someone could help, they revealed that a teammate drove across the map to deliver the Ghost to them. “Bless his soul,” the grateful player said.

It’s nice to see these wholesome interactions between players in Halo Infinite. Despite issues with the battle pass and problems with Halo Infinite‘s cheaters and hackers, there still appear to be many players that care for each other.