Halo Infinite Bug Gives Player Weird Camera Angle


One player encounters a rather bizarre glitch in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer where the camera remains in a static, third-person position.

Following the launch of the multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite, many players have been left impressed by what the game has to offer so far. With a large variety of multiplayer maps, new weapons, and dynamic gameplay abilities for players to acquire, Halo Infinite has managed to turn quite a few heads. Though, given that the multiplayer is still in beta, there are some underlying issues that plague the game.

If Cyberpunk 2077 taught the gaming community anything, it’s that AAA game development is an incredibly difficult undertaking. Even with a publisher as resourceful as Microsoft, bugs and glitches still have the potential to slip through the cracks. While Halo Infinite’s technical issues are comparatively minor when compared to something like Cyberpunk 2077, one player discovered a rather unique glitch involving the camera position.

A Reddit user named R0nananan encountered a bizarre glitch where the camera remains on a fixed third-person perspective. The player can still move the player character around, but the position of the camera never goes to first-person. At the beginning of every multiplayer match in Halo Infinite, the camera will cut to this third-person perspective of every player on any given team and then switch to first-person, but for whatever reason, the camera just remains static.

There are obviously a number of multiplayer issues in Halo Infinite that need to be addressed, but a fix for this one should probably be more immediate. Plenty of additional users chimed in saying that they experienced the same issue, with one user even getting banned, as they had to leave the match five times due to this third-person camera glitch.

It goes without saying that game development is an extremely precise art. There’s a number of issues that can arise during development and often times, players will find glitches that the developers hadn’t accounted for. Although some fans are actually hoping that a certain bug stays in Halo Infinite and that the developers don’t patch it out, it remains to be seen whether the studio will listen to the community.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Halo Infinite going forward. With the release of the full game a little over two weeks away, fans of the game are certainly excited to see what else 343 Industries has in store. The full campaign for Halo Infinite will be readily available to players around the world soon enough, and hopefully its camera will stay where it is meant to be.