Mass Effect Fan Shows How Companions Would Look If They Were Animal Crossing Villagers


One Mass Effect player shares fan art that depicts six of Commander Shepard’s iconic companions as if they were Animal Crossing villagers.

Although the Mass Effect games tell a surprisingly hard sci-fi adventure story about saving the galaxy, many players seem to be more interested in the games’ many figuratively and literally colorful characters. The release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has only encouraged fans to create even more tributes to their favorites. Now, one Mass Effect fan has drawn all six members of Commander Shepard’s team during the original game, but as adorable villagers straight out of an Animal Crossing title.

In the Animal Crossing games, the player is encouraged to interact with villagers inspired by a variety of different animals with their own personality quirks and outfits. This isn’t the first time fans have drawn characters from other franchises as Animal Crossing villagers, but it may be one of the most fittings.

Redditor odango with shows off a piece of fan art that depicts Kaidan Alenko, Garrus Vakarian, Ashley Williams, Urdnot Wrex, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, and Liara T’Soni as brightly-colored Animal Crossing characters. Not only does each design reflect the individuality, dress sense, and body language of the Mass Effect cast, but the artist also assigned each character an existing Animal Crossing species and personality. Other fans have drawn the Mass Effect characters in other art styles, but odangowitch’s work has been amazingly thorough.

Kaidan Alenko is shown as a dog with the Normal personality – one usually reserved for female villagers – and Garrus Vakarian is changed from a Turian to an eagle with the Jock personality. Ashley Williams is portrayed as a squirrel with a Sisterly personality, while Urdnot Wrex is turned from a Krogan to a frog with a Cranky personality. Tali is altered from a Quarian to an octopus with a Peppy personality, although her elaborate hood and suit may make it hard for fans to notice the changes, and Liara is transformed from an Asari to a deer with a Smug personality. Each character is shown still wearing an adjusted version of their Mass Effect outfits and the aliens retain markings and crests.

Odangowitch noted that Kaidan and Liara have personalities usually limited by gender, but stated that they assigned personalities they felt would fit the characters. As of writing, it appears that other fans agree with their choices. One user noted that Liara may not be smug herself, but she certainly lives her life smugly. Another user stated they could imagine this version of Wrex stomping around their island.