Battlefield 2042 Player Uses Tornado And Hovercraft To Destroy Helicopter


A Battlefield 2042 player turns one of the game’s devastating tornadoes into an opportunity for an impressive helicopter explosion.

The various vehicles available in Battlefield 2042 allow for quick traversal and provide highly mobile firing locations. However, some players take them far beyond their intended use, with one player taking a ground vehicle airborne for an impressive aerial kill.

Battlefield 2042 is having a hard time staying out of the shadow of previous Battlefield games. Still, the new mechanics allow for some interesting opportunities not possible in the older entries.

Hovercrafts are vehicles that allow players to move vast distances without having to worry about the disadvantages of tank treads or the obvious exposure an aircraft against the sky can bring, and some even use them to run over other Battlefield 2042 players on the way to their destination. They are, however, very susceptible to tornadoes pulling them in. A video clip posted by player Fire_marshal-bill demonstrates an incredible coincidental collision in midair; after a hovercraft is flung from a tornado, a helicopter crashes into it and immediately explodes with an impact powerful enough to cause a collision problem with the hovercraft’s air cushion.

Hovercrafts are an incredibly powerful asset in Battlefield 2042, so powerful in fact that the developers at DICE plan to rebalance them. Players as a whole appear to agree that rebalancing would be for the best, but while it remains overpowered, it also remains an incredibly fun vehicle. The high durability and utility of hovercrafts may be entertaining, but if players who gain access to one become practically unstoppable, it can turn into a major problem.

Battlefield 2042 is home to some incredibly strange strategies, from climbing buildings by exploiting how hovercraft movement works to camping elevators with tanks. Regardless of how much of a mess the game may be, it seems players are still having fun despite (and in some cases because of) its issues, much like other games that launch in even worse states like the infamous Skate III or Cyberpunk 2077. In a multiplayer game, however, bugs can become more annoying, as Battlefield is active competition between teams of players as opposed to a single-player experience with more room for players to make their own fun.

Overall, player reaction to Battlefield 2042 is overwhelmingly negative, and will probably remain that way for a while as DICE continues to iron out the problems. Even with the fixes, though, the very core of Battlefield 2042 is vastly different from the rest of the series, and it remains to be seen whether players will warm up to the new, less tactically-oriented direction.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.