Fortnite Adds A Skin Based On Marvel’s Nick Fury


Another Marvel Comics character arrives on The Island, with a skin based on the SHIELD director Nick Fury now available in Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Fortnite has become a major name in gaming, having collaborated with many major brands, IPs, and pop culture icons over the last few years. Some of the characters that have been licensed out so that they could appear in the free-to-play title includes the many heroes and villains that have appeared in Marvel Comics. A few weeks ago, the corrupted X-Men member Dark Phoenix was added as a Fortnite skin, and the most recent skin added to the game is another Marvel character: Nick Fury.

Nick Fury is an important character in Marvel lore, being a master of espionage and the director of SHIELD. More specifically, Nick Fury’s appearance in the MCU is one of the most beloved interpretations of the character, especially thanks to seasoned actor Samuel L. Jackson. He can be accompanied by all the Avengers who have been added to the game already, so it’s appropriate that the SHIELD director has joined the fray.

Revealed on both Marvel Games and Fortnite‘s Twitter accounts, this Nick Fury skin is now available through the in-game shop. The outfit contains a glider, harvesting tool, and back bling that can be purchased all together or separately. These items are all uniquely designed, carrying SHIELD’s logo on each one, with the Director’s Scythe Pickaxe and First-Strike Infiltration Glider having stellar aesthetics. The pack will also contain a unique loading screen where Fury is flying in the Quinjet.

Much like other Marvel Fortnite skins, Nick Fury is modeled loosely on his MCU counterpart, though still somewhat distinct from his live-action actor. Funnily enough, however, the current story arc in Fortnite sees the characters defending the Island from a supernatural Cube. As mentioned on the game’s website, this isn’t the first time that the Marvel hero has dealt with this type of threat, as he has faced similar threats in the form of the Tesseract from the MCU.

Fortnite will be closing out this season and chapter soon, and considering that Epic Games tends to cycle out the characters available in the shop every few days, those interested in the SHIELD Director will likely only have a bit of time to purchase his bundle. As such, players should jump in now if they want a chance to get Nick Fury right now, as it could be a while before he makes another appearance in the shop.