WR3D 2k16 Mod Download Link Android & PC BY Mangal Yadav

WR3D 2K16 MOD Download FOR ANDROID & PC with latest features

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Features of the Game :-

1. Money In The Bank Matches:- In this wr3d mod you can play MITB Ladder Match with any color of briefcase.

2. Ladder Match for championship:- You can play ladder match with any wwe belt you like.

3. Climbable Hell In A cell – You can climb on hell in a cell cage and you can also walk on roof and you can also break it.

4. Breakable Barricades- You can break the barricades by hitting your opponent on it by any move like spear,Powerbomb etc.

5. Announcer Table- Desk will automatically come on correct place.There will be 1 Desk in Raw & SD arena and there will be 3 Desk in PPV arena.                       

6. Ambulance Match- You can also play ambulance match in this game in which you can throw your opponent inside ambulance and you can also climb on it

7.Casket/Coffin Matches:-Play casket/Coffin Matches ,casket will appear on correct place at ringside automatically

——Some other features—–
8.130 New Moves
9.150 New Taunts
10.Removable jackets
11.All 2016 titles
12.Go Backstage during match
13.New Graphics
14.2016 rosters
15.Climbable Ringpost
16.New Furnitures
17.New Weapons
18.All 2016 arenas
19.No Lag/Smooth Gameplay
20.working in all devices.

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Note-You are free to use this game on channel or website.If you want to create a youtube video or you want to use this mod on your website then you have to mention my channel name & link and also write that this mod is created by Mangal Yadav production subscribe him on youtube by which people can meet the original creator if you follow this all rules then your channel or website will be safe & if you didn’t then a strict action will be taken against you.