In Google Images, you can now queue offline uploads.

Earlier this week, the Google Photos app received a new Documents tab, making it much easier for users to locate their documents. Google has quietly introduced a new function to the app that allows users to upload new images and videos to albums even while they’re offline, eliminating the need to back up data.

According to Android Police, the much-anticipated feature is now available in the current version of the Google Photos app for Android for some users. You can now add images and videos to existing and new albums in Google Photos even if you aren’t connected to the internet if you are one of the lucky users who has received the feature.

As soon as your phone is back online, any updates you make to an album will be automatically synced to Google servers. Adding new content offline isn’t any different from when you’re online, which isn’t shocking.All you have to do now is choose your files and add them to an album. If you already have the new version of Google Photos on your phone and are still unable to add content offline, you will have to wait a few more days for Google to turn off the server-side switch.